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Ideell Arena is a network that was created in 1998 by a group of researchers and leaders from different non-profit organizations. Ideell Arena is run by a broad variety of NGO’s from different parts of the Swedish civil society. All our work is based on the exchange of experience and mutual learning. An important aspectof all our work is that the partner organizations take shared responsibility for all the development work that is done. The focus of our work is to develop strategic leadership in the non-profit sector through innovative leadership programs, creative meeting places, networks, and by promoting research.

In times of social change it is important for non-profit organizations and leaders to make their mission, its distinctive character and the value added clear. We believe that leaders who have an in-depth understanding of the non-profit sector’s distinctive features and challenges will gain the most valuable long-term exchange from their actions. To achieve this we see a need for a continuous and systematic development of competence, in which research dialogue is central.

Developing leadership demands a constant pursuit of new knowledge, and research on non-profit organizations and leadership can contribute to leaders’ understanding of their own work and the world around them. It can also involve questioning the way in which non-profit organizations think and act. Ideell Arena offers leaders in the non-profit sector’s organizations unique meeting places, the opportunity to access the most current research, and support in the development work within their organizations. We want our meeting places to be venues where the non-profit sector regularly meets to discuss shared strategies in the shaping of the civil society of the future.

Developing leadership strategies is as much about being informed about the world and the elements that affect the circumstances in which the leaders work as it is about understanding how models and theories work in practice. That is why the competence and knowledge of our partner organizations is an essential part of our meeting places.


Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The leaders of the non-profit sector’s organizations possess considerable knowledge of the sector’s unique circumstances. They consider the exchange of knowledge and experience with researchers and other leaders within the sector an important way to expand their knowledge and encourage critical reflection. The insights that are gained from these meetings can then be used in any task to lead in a passionate, creative and sensible way.


Our Mission

The purpose of collaboration in Ideell Arena is . . .

. . . to initiate and develop high-quality development programs for leading elected representatives and white-collar workers within the non-profit sector in order to strengthen its leadership.

. . . to support the development of knowledge within the non-profit sector and its administration by initiating research and development projects, and promoting increased collaboration between researchers, universities, colleges, institutions for adult education and non-profit organizations.

. . . to be a meeting place for the exchange of experience between leading elected representatives and executives within the non-profit sector.